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About Le J's Hairwagon

Over 10 Years of Experience

Le J’s Hairwagon has been in business over 10 years and started out of a wheeled back pack.  At Le J’s Hairwagon – we do one thing – Sell 100% Virgin Human Hair Bundles and Closures.  What started out as a personal way of shopping for Peruvian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Indian or Cambodian hair extensions, Le J’s Hair Wagon evolved into a more intimate and quality driven way of shopping for friends, family, myself – and now YOU. 

 At Le J’s Hair Wagon, we focus on the client – What they need and what they want.

Where Quality Matters

Tired of purchasing poor quality Virgin Human Hair product at outrageous prices –

Tired of being confused on what is the right texture  –

Tired of purchasing Virgin Human Hair products in a cellophane bag – AND –

Tired of not being treated with respect for our purchases –

From being TIRED -  Le J’s Hair Wagon was created.   

Le J’s Hair Wagon will take the TIRED  and replace it with a unique shopping experience that offers Quality and Pricing. 

At Le J’s Hairwagon – you can feel sample textures to decide what texture is best for you. 

You can brush the sample… we can demonstrate on the sample how to flatten or curl – just so you can see what Le J’s Hairwagon Virgin Human Hair Product will do – AFTER you purchase our Virgin Human Hair Product. 

We sell only Virgin Human Hair Bundles and Closures.

  You will not have to compete with hair brushes, combs, hair spray, shoes and/or clothes – ONLY your Virgin Human Hair Bundles and Closures.

  We take the time to answer your questions about the Virgin Hair Bundles and Closures and how they best meet your hairstyling needs. 

All Virgin Human Hair Products are sold with no chemicals, no processing, and no dyeing done to them before we sell to you

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Le J's Hair Wagon

11927 Bissonnet Road - Kirkwood and Bissonnet

Inside Unique Beauty Salon

Houston Texas 77099

713 367 3954

Le J's Hair Wagon is available on line 24/7

Appointments Only at the Physical Location 

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